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I’m always in for something new, and while browsing some other RPG blogs the other day, I “discovered” Houses of the Blooded by John Wick. You know, he’s the guy who brought us awesome stuff like the Legend of the Five Rings RPG or 7th Sea. I have to admit that I never played those, but Houses of the Blooded certainly caught my attention.

So, what’s the game about? To say it in the words of the author, straight from the official site:

A game of romance. A game of revenge. A game of invisible wars and sorcerous blood. A game with no victors. Only casualties.

This is Houses of the Blooded: a roleplaying game in a violent world ruled by a magical race who call themselves “the ven.” The ven see all the world as an enemy and the inhabit­ants of the world as either weapons or tools. Their culture is highly ritualistic and obsessed with duality.

Six noble Houses play an elaborate, invis­ible game of deception and betrayal. Forbidden by law from declaring open war, their secret wars allow for more subtle weapons: seduction, espionage and assassination.

With this game, you and your friends can tell stories of nobles engaged in these covert conflicts. You tell stories of adventure, exploration, romance, intrigue, loyalty and betrayal. All you need is this book, a handful of dice, some pencils and some friends. Get those together and we’ll get started.

There you have it. Sounds to me like a game with a very high “PvP” potential, and that is actually something me and my players like. Also, I like the idea of a rules-light, yet concept-heavy RPG. And everything that dares to call itself the “anti-D&D” in the introduction gets quite some points in my book. Don’t get me wrong, I love D&D, but a good opposition is what makes a conflict interesting, isn’t it?

The only thing that baffles me is the enormous price gap between the PDF and hardcover version of the book. $5 for a PDF is a very good price, but $45 for the hardcover?! I know what version I’ll pick up…